(Anna E. Lee - Interior Design)

Hey y'all,

I hope that you are having a wonderful summer with your family and friends!  I have some somewhat sad but exciting news for you today, about the future of Anna E. Lee - Interior Design.  While I witnessed some success with my business and blog, to be honest, I've never quite felt a true connection or sense of purpose to it.  Instead I've felt as if I've been trying to grasp an invisible string, blogging about this and that, and not being confident about the services that I offered when I had them.  It was only after taking several months off from blogging and closing down my business that I felt God working in my heart, telling me to take some time off to rest, to reflect and to learn.  That the time to get back to work and to start again would be soon; however it would be in His time, not mine.

This belief became very real a couple of weeks ago, when I sat down at the dining room table one night to sketch and map out what God has been speaking to my heart.  As I began writing and connecting all of the pieces together, I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sense of peace and joy.  This whatever this was was something real.  This was something of substance and value, not fluff.  Without a doubt in my mind, I knew that long-ago God had planted this seed in my heart, as my life's mission: I believe that everyone deserves to live in a home where they feel at peace.  Clutter, indecision and anxiety do not need to dictate your life - you are worthy of so much more.  This is my belief.  This is my mission.  I believe that we can create room for peace.

This idea, "room for peace", is going to be the name of my new website, that is in the process of being created.  If you would like to join me there, continue to check out my Instagram and Twitter pages for updates on the process.  While I'm not sure when the new website will be finished, the Anna E. Lee - Interior Design website will be deleted August 1st.  I would love to continue to stay in touch via social media and/or email (annaeleeid@gmail.com).  You all have been amazing.  I thank you so much for your love and support.  While it has been sad closing this chapter I am so excited to start this new one!  I feel a peace and joy about it that fills my whole heart.




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